2013 Qualified Plan Limits

IRS Tax Code Limits



Maximum elective deferral to retirement plans (401k, 403b, 457)   $ 17,500

401(k) age 50+ catch-up contribution                                                        5,500

Maximum IRA contribution limit                                                                  5,500

IRA age 50+ catch-up contribution                                                              1,000

Maximum elective deferral to SIMPLE IRA plan                                      12,000

Simple IRA age 50+ catch-up contribution limit                                        2,500

SEP IRA minimum compensation amount                                                     550

SEP IRA Annual compensation limit                                                        255,000

Defined contribution plan annual additional limit                                   51,000

Highly compensated employee compensation limit                              115,000

Annual retirement benefit (ESOP) limit under defined benefit plan

     (not to exceed 100% of compensation)                                            205,000

Elective deferrals (applies to 401(k) plans)                                             17,500

Tax-sheltered annuity deferrals 403(b) plans                                         17,500

Definition of key employee in a top-heavy plan                                     165,000

Deferral compensation plans of state and local

     government and tax-exempt organizations                                         17,500

Social Security Taxable Wage Base                                                          113,700



Phase-out Range for Deductible Contributions to Traditional IRA

Married Filing Jointly

     Both spouses participating in qualified plan               $ 95,000 – $115,000

     One spouse participating in qualified plan                 $178,000 – $188,000

     Single, Head of Household or 

          Married and Filing Separately*                                $ 59,000 – $ 69,000

Phase-out Range for Eligible Contributions to Roth IRA

Married Filing Jointly                                                        $178,000 – $188,000

Single, Head of Household or

     Married and Filing Separately*                                  $112,000 – $127,000

(*) And did NOT live with spouse during the year!

Data Source:  http://www.irs.gov

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